Where Would You Like To Go?
Charles Schultz
liked chocolate malts
as he drank them
Snoopy drew cartoons for him
A few months ago I was introduced to the form of poetry with the name of Clerihew. Edmund Clerihew Bentley a English writer invented the form. Clerihew is a light verse quatrain rhyming aa bb usually dealing with a person named in the initial rhyme. Often the person is a celebrity or was a celebrity.

If you enjoy writing poetry you may want to try your hand at writing a clerihew. Of course, it doesn't necessarily have to be a celebrity it could be your child,husband,boyfriend,etc. Just remember the first line must end with the person's name and the second line rhyme with the first line.  Lines three and four must also be rhyming lines.

Feel free to email me a clerihew if you wish me to consider posting it on this page.  Also, please do not use my clerihews without giving credit to Myoriah Lucas for writing them. Thank you!
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The entrepreneur Bill Gates,
loves to rollerskate
he skates down Seattle's hills
while his windows fall out of their sills

Ex-vice-president Al Gore,
now manages a candy store.
Demanding recounts of inventory.
A re-enactment of the election story.
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The President George Bush,
is showing would be terrorist his tush.
That is why he is still President.
And The White House his residence.
Osama Bin Laden,
On people you have trodden.
I see you as a woman dressed from head to toe in black.
Whose respect you will always lack.

Despicable Osama Bin Laden,
When we find you; you will receive a sore bottom.
For the illustrious George W. Bush
will turn you over his knee and spank soundly your scrawny tush.