In Celebration Of Autumn
A Calligram Leaf
                    leaf                            so
                 quietly             falls in the
            middle of the     night that no
             person hears the swish as it
              falls to the ground. "Swish!"
    The leaf whispers to the moon.
      Only the moon hears the leaf say her
       final good-by.  Hears the leaf make her so
               silent cry. "Good-by to you warm
         days and   /  nights. Farewell moon!
                            /   Farewell to all!
                          /       Fall has arrived.
                        /           I          must go!"     

In celebration of Autumn there are Autumn poems in different styles on this page.. To view poems illustrated with Lake Applet  click on the names:Autumn Season and Autumn.
another Autumn poem is Screams of Autumn  illustrated with a "leaves" globe
Jigsaw puzzles are: AutumnJig and Autumn_Leaf.

All poems are written by Myoriah. For permission to use these poems please email :

An artist, Mother Nature painting leaves as signs of Autumn's arrival.
Ball gowns of leaves, cover the trees in brilliant colors of red, yellow, orange and dusty brown.
Clothed, ready for a "Farewell Ball"...ready to dance once more a final dance... "the cotillion".
Dancing leaves...changing partners as leaves drift down...dancing  gracefully down to die.
Evoking memories of loss for those who watch them fall, as eventually they land on the earth.
Falling leaves, cooler days and nights signals Summer's farewell, and a time for making final farewells.
Geese heading to warmer climates while gardeners put to bed their gardens.
Harvest winding down as picking of produce slows down and comes to a  halt.
Idle equipment stored, as mechanics work on machines to combat the upcoming onslaught of snow and ice.
Jars of  home canned produce lining shelves of some homes, while at the feeder an increasing number of jays.
Kitchens, full of tantalizing aromas...a gathering place, while outside the wind keens.
Lingering shadows fall as earlier each day there is the turning on of lights.
Mornings, sunrises beginning later each day while hearty birds continue to sing their morning melodies.
Nights continues to get colder, winter is fast creeping near.
Old year drawing to a close...each new day bringing it closer to being obliterated.
Preparations for holidays begin...a quickening pace.
Quest for  animal prey begins in earnest in the woods with no apparent qualms.
Racks on vehicles as triumphant hunters return.
Sweaters being donned as holiday decorations begin appearing in stores.
The cycle of life continuing...autumn marking the continual march of time.
Under piles of leaves the ground goes to sleep protected by nature's umbrella.
Vacancies on signs of hotels and motels..cooler weather and school beginning making them autumn's victims.
Winds colder now, beginning to usher in Winter.
Xing out days on the calendar  realizing that each day is another day closer to Xmas.
Yellow, red, orange, and dusty brown leaves signaling the beginning of the ending of another year.
Zap! the wind blows another leaf to the ground...the wind, no longer a zephyr.
Autumn leaves falling, leaving bare tree branches silhouetted against the sky...Autumn has arrived!

Autumn A To A

Autumn, you are the season about loss.
There is sadness as the leaves drop from your trees.
And I crunch them under my feet.
The sound, reminding me of the breaking of hearts when relationships end.
Bareness of trees, reminding me I'm getting older as another year comes to an end.
And winter approaches with her loneliness.
Autumn Carpet

leaves, fluttering down to the ground
making a soft carpet
with colors of orange, yellow and brown.
These two stanzas are from a poem consisting of  three haiku style stanzas which I titled
"Winter Announcing Her Presence". I have placed them here because the images are fall images.
Outside my curtained windows...
Gray overcast skies...
Smoke perfuming the air

Falling leaves from trees...
Bare arms silhouetted...
Against gray oppressive skies

Abundance of pumpkins piled.
Under an azure blue sky.
Tantalizing youth and adults alike.
Undertaking the task of choosing which to buy.
Memories in the making.
Nurturing ritual of Autumn.

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